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Monica René Rochester

Descendent of Mr. Nicholas Rochester (1640) of County Kent; continuing the unconfirmed tradition of incorrigible rake, brawler, madcap and occasional poet.

I've been a collage-ist for as long as I can remember, an Absurdist and an acknowledged Eccentric since birth. I am honored that my work has been exhibited in the US and abroad and has gotten nods of approval from some folks I respect greatly in the Creative Arts arena.

For the last decade, I have been perfecting my skills in the art/craft of Decoupage. I consider my work to be "fine art decoupage", as I tend to carry themes from my collages into this realm, and I am obsessive about making sure my decoupage pieces are perfectly executed. This means hours of delicate paper-cutting, multiple layers of paint to create the perfect background, and an ungodly amount of lacquer for the smoothest finish.

Thank you for visiting my site and viewing my artwork.

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Past solo and group art shows

Past solo and group art shows

  • 2014: Discordia - Joint show, Hedreen Gallery
  • 2013: CHBP Arts Component - Performer in a series of short video works by Amanda Manitach and D.K. Pan.
  • 2013: Seance - Multimedia performance at Project Space Available.
  • 2013: Womb For Joy Blessed Performer in a series of short video works by Amanda Manitach and D.K. Pan which were produced during a two-month residency at Capitol Hill's PSA.
  • 2013: Salon Revisited - Masterpiece card - Hedreen Gallery
  • 2012: Homage to Kurt Seligmann - The Seligmann Center for the Arts, Sugar Loaf, NY
  • 2010: The Mystic Sons of Morris Graves Centenary Group Exhibition
  • 2008: "Macho Cheese" group show at the Joe Bar Cafe, Seattle
  • 2008: Group retrospective show at Hazelwood Seattle (Ballard)
  • 2007: Monica René Rochester and Rachael Jackson (duo show) at Calamity Jane's (Seattle)
  • 2007: Solo show at Hazelwood Seattle (Ballard)
  • 2007: Allegorical Anatomy solo show at the Joe Bar Cafe Seattle
  • 2006: Solo show at ToST Seattle (Fremont)
  • 2006: S.O.A.P. Seattle Outsider Art project "Bring Your Own Art" Exhibition
  • 2005: 2nd Annual International Collage Exhibition in Vilnius